Attention coaches and consultants 
stuck at the $50k level:
How to massively increase your impact and influence by creating a next level coaching program
Without A Huge Social Media Following, A Big Tech Budget, Or Even Doing Webinars

What you'll find in the playbook...

Real solutions to make more sales - today!

​Secrets of successful 6 figure coaches and consultants revealed

No more waiting to create that "email list" (or any list at all)

Break the chains of underpricing your products or services once and for all

Command the fees your commitment has earned

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What you'll find in the Ebook...

The solution to make more sales - today!

​The pathway to living the life of a successful, six figure coach without having a huge budget for tech and social media ads

​How to fill your program without having a big email list (or any list at all)

How to price your program so you profit the first time you run it

Eliminate stressing about making more money - Completely!

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Hi, I'm Jessica!

I built a multiple 6 figure business without having thousands of followers, running a single Facebook ad, or doing a webinar.

In 2016, I left my teaching job and became an entrepreneur by joining my family’s business.

At that time… 
I had no social media following (just my friends and former coworkers)
I had no idea how to do a webinar
I didn’t have an email list
I certainly didn’t have the flashiest messaging

But here’s what I did have: a willingness to share my expertise with people who struggled to teach their clients. 
What I found fun and easy was not fun and easy for my coaching and consulting friends.

I've since worked with hundreds of frustrated coaches and consultants, showing them the gateway to turning their ideas into profitable income

And I now have the freedom in my business to teach committed and inspiring coaches and consultants how to do the same through my own programs.

“I liked [Jessica’s] patience and attention to detail. The questions [she] would ask and the information [she] would pull out helped me to get the wealth of information I have into a structure and format that is easily digestible...
I would look forward to my calls to work on the course. It made the whole experience of developing a course much more fun and exciting instead of hair pulling.”
-Randy Spelling
"With my first group, I brought in $4,000 with NO marketing. I started small. I filled it only using the people and connections I had.
And now, this program has given me so much credibility that I’m now starting to be seen as an expert and able to cut above everyone else trying to do the same thing”
-Donna McPherson
"I couldn't figure out how to get started on creating a system of on boarding for a new group programme I was launching.
Jessica mapped out a step-by-step process of what I needed to do, how I could do it, and then worked with me to improve it as I was creating it. It made the process way more efficient."
-Moira Ni Ghallachoir 
“The group I made with you is now selling for $5,000. I sold my first one yesterday….one of the best things I did was invest in your program!”
-Katia Rave

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